How The Celebrity DBI Works

ipad-04The Celebrity DBI helps strategically identify individuals that will enhance brand messaging initiatives and maximize ROI. Created from the brand perspective, the Celebrity DBI provides brands, agencies and media properties with a data-driven approach to quantify and qualify a celebrity’s value and ability to impact consumers.

How it works

Respondents who indicate that they are aware of a celebrity are asked
a standard set of questions about that celebrity. Consumers in
nationally representative samples within each country evaluate
celebrities across eight key metrics:

Appeal, Aspiration, Awareness, Breakthrough, Endorsement, Influence, Trendsetter and Trust.

With the Celebrity DBI, you can:

  • Assess overall celebrity prominence and prestige
  • Evaluate how a celebrity’s impact changes over time
  • Compare celebrities within one market or across multiple markets and globally
  • View aggregate global reach of celebrities
  • Pinpoint celebrities with high-scoring attributes that best align with your brand
  • Track fluctuations of attributes in real time by measuring the influence of industry or market events

The Celebrity DBI provides key insights into the world of celebrity. It offers dynamic filtering options so users can sort data to suit their specific needs. Data can be segmented by market, gender, age, and household income.

Database is updated bi-weekly, so you receive a current measure of impact.

Reports can be exported to PDF and Excel.

Filtering criteria provides an in-depth look at celebrity reach.

Quantitative data removes the subjectivity in celebrity evaluation.

Reports are tailored to your requirements.

Information is uploaded and archived directly on the website, so access it anytime, anywhere, on any device.