Daily Bagel: Andy Murray, Mr. Popularity

Daily Bagel: Andy Murray, Mr. Popularity

Andy Murray, Mr. Popularity

Daily Bagel | 9/18/2013 | SI.com

Is Andy Murray more appealing to American consumers than we give him credit for? According to this piece from The New York Times, Murray scored higher popularity numbers than the other members of the Big Four. Yes, even more than Roger Federer.

Roger Federer, not surprisingly, leads in overall DBI score [which quantifies consumer perceptions of celebrities] , with 63.2 out of 100, followed by Murray’s 52.61, [Rafael] Nadal’s 50.34 and [Novak] Djokovic’s 41.79.

The overall score is heavily weighted on awareness, and Federer was known by 61 percent of those surveyed. Nadal and Murray are tied at 41 percent, while Djokovic is at a surprisingly low 26 percent.

But in the seven other attribute categories that make up a celebrity’s score — appeal, aspiration, breakthrough, endorsement, influence, trend setter and trust — Murray leads the way among the Big Four. That is an unexpected result, considering Murray has far fewer championships than the other three and has a reputation for being mercurial on the court.

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