Federer Still Most Recognised Tennis Player

Federer Still Most Recognised Tennis Player

Federer Still Most Recognised Tennis Player

Simon Cambers | 8/28/2013 | The Tennis Space

Roger Federer may be in the humbling position of being seeded just seventh at the US Open and need a good showing to boost his hopes of qualifying for the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in London this year, but all is not lost.

The chances of the Swiss adding to his 17 grand slams may appear slim, on the form of recent months and the problems he’s had with his back, but he can take a small measure of consolation in the fact that he remains by far the best-known player in the men’s game.

Of course, an awful lot of this is because of his outstanding success over the past decade but even as he slips from the heights he reached, he still tops the pile in terms of recognition and awareness. Repucom’s The Celebrity DBI has compiled some interesting data charting the recognition factor of the top players, as well as their influence and how much of a trendsetter they are.

Among the men, Federer leads the awareness stats, at 75% globally and 61% in the USA. Nadal is close behind globally, at 69% but well behind with 41% in the US, where tennis still lags well behind their big four TV sports, (American) football, baseball, basketball and (ice) hockey. Globally, Novak Djokovic (51%) beats Andy Murray (47%) but in the US, Murray edges out Djokovic with 33% to 26%. The latter could well have been following on from Murray’s US Open triumph last year, with memories notoriously short, seeing as Novak won the title in 2011 and 2012.

The figures show how well-liked players are, if they are seen as good endorsers, are influential and trustworthy and so on. Interestingly, Murray tops the endorsers list among the men in the US, again the result, seemingly, of his win in New York 12 months ago. But globally, he lags well behind Federer, Nadal and even Djokovic.

On the women’s side, though Serena Williams may dominate the game at the moment, she is outshone by older sister Venus Williams in three of the four categories within the United States; endorser, influencer, trendsetter. The only thing Serena wins on is awareness, at a whopping 91% to the 89% for Venus.

To put those figures in perspective, Maria Sharapova’s awareness level in the United States is 63% but in Russia it’s 98% and she is rated the third-most influential celebrity in her home country.

*”Globally” refers to USA, Germany, Italy, France, UK, Spain, India, China, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Turkey, Russia.

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