The Masters Win Boosts Jordan Spieth’s Marketability | Forbes

The Masters Win Boosts Jordan Spieth’s Marketability | Forbes

Professional golfer Jordan Spieth’s marketability and income are on the rise after his dominating victory at The Masters. His awareness increased 85% according to CelebrityDBI powered by Repucom and his influence score is just behind Michael Jordan. Kurt Badenhausen of Forbes writes about Spieth’s future as a brand ambassador.

Repucom measures individual attributes as part of its polling and Spieth is now the highest-ranked athlete in five of the eight attributes it tracks. He tops the charts for aspiration, breakthrough, endorsement, trendsetter and trust. His influence score is only behind global icon Michael Jordan, who Spieth was named after. Spieth ranked fourth out of the nearly 3,7000 celebrities Repucom tracks, not just athletes, on aspiration behind Tom Hanks, Bill Gates and Kate Middleton.

“These numbers, while impressive and meteoric, will fall off over time,” says Repucom executive Peter Laatz, who cites the idea of surveying people when they are in a frenzy over Spieth. “The attribute scores will come back a little, but I don’t think they will fall dramatically.” His name is now intertwined with Jordan, Arnold Palmer and Jackie Robinson atop Repucom’s attribute scores for athletes.

“Brands want to keep their risk low and have as high an upside as possible when they are looking to put their mark on people,” says Laatz. “This is a guy you want to pile into from a marketing standpoint.”

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