Miley Cyrus: Has She Twerked Her Way out of American Hearts?

Miley Cyrus: Has She Twerked Her Way out of American Hearts?

Miley Cyrus: Has She Twerked Her Way out of American Hearts? 

David Warner | 03/18/2014 | Guardian Liberty Voice

Her Bangerz CD debuted amid the hoopla of her controversial Music Video Awards performance with Robin Thicke and twerked its way to the number one position on Billboard’s hot 100. But soon, ticket sales for the Bangerz tour began softening and empty seats started popping up at concerts. Is it true about Miley Cyrus? Has she twerked her way out of American hearts?

While the old adage goes, “any publicity is better than no publicity,” that may not be entirely true in this case. The act was followed by outrage among viewers of all ages. CNN’s Anderson Cooper called the performance “yawningly formualic” and placed it on his RidicuList.

A Texas mother wrote an open letter to her daughter in a blog warning her of the dangers in ending up like Miley Cyrus and begging her daughter not to follow in the path of the former Disney star. The letter went viral, gathering an impressive 2.5 million readers in 36 hours.

Even Robin Thicke was embarrassed. US Weekly reports that six months after the VMAs he was still fuming that Cyrus “went too far” in her gyrations toward him with her “foam finger” while he sang and she danced.

Cyrus’ popularity has taken a nose-dive among teens as well as adults. Her Q Scores, a measurement used to determine the value of a celebrity endorsement, have plunged. Among the “tween” demographic, young girls between the ages of nine and 14, her positive score dropped from 20 in 2013 to a dismal 14 one year later. At the same time, her negative score went from 31 up to 49.

If she was looking for anything positive, the Q Score for the former Hannah Montana star among men 18-49 actually increased. Numbers there went from five in 2013 to 12 the next year. In comparison, Q Scores for someone like Taylor Swift are 19 among tweens and 16 in the more important 18-49 group.

So the question remains for Miley Cyrus: has she twerked her way out of American hearts?

Celebrity DBI may be another key. It’s an index measuring consumer perceptions of more than 3,000 actors, models, athletes, musicians and politicians. The index measured Cyrus’ impact of seven attributes: trust, appeal, trend-setter, aspiration, endorsement, influence and breakthrough. She had reached the top 3 percent in the qualities of influence and trend-setting and the top 23 percent in endorsement potential in 2010. By August 2013, however, she was in the bottom 1 percent for trust, endorsement, breakthrough, appeal and aspiration.

At the same time, she fell to the bottom 20 percent in influence and trend-setting. Quite a drop for just three years.

The index reported further that only 1 percent of men and women over the age of 55 “liked her a lot.” The 13 to17 age group that had once been a fan of Hannah Montana, 35 percent reported that they “dislike her a lot.” And she was “disliked a lot” by a huge 43 percent of the 18 to 24 age group.

So, has Miley Cyrus twerked her way out of American hearts? If recent statistics are an indication, it would would appear she has.

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