Miley’s visit still causing a stink

Miley’s visit still causing a stink

Miley’s visit still causing a stink

Doug Elfman | 1/25/2014 | Las Vegas Review-Journal

The AMG nightclub group has shot back at Jeff Beacher in a game of who-fired-whom. Beacher has said he dropped AMG. AMG people now say they quit because Beacher’s Madhouse let Miley Cyrus smoke weed and AMG does not tolerate drug use.

Ha-ha. Wait, wait. Ha-ha.

OK. Let’s proceed.

On Dec. 27, Beacher’s Madhouse made its grand opening by paying Miley $100,000 to appear, but she smoked, then AMG people told Beacher people they objected, but Beacher’s people said they were fine with it, according to RadarOnline.

“We wanted to remove Miley from the property that night, and they wouldn’t let us,” an AMG spokesperson told Radar. “Drug use is NOT tolerated in Vegas, and the Gaming Commission can take away the gambling license for the entire hotel if someone is caught at Beacher’s doing drugs. It’s not worth our reputation.”

A spokeswoman for AMG told me by email Friday “no comment,” after I asked whether the Radar report was true.

A Beacher spokesman told me Friday, “It’s absolutely not true. We don’t allow anyone to use drugs in the theater. Beacher’s Madhouse, and MGM felt it would be better to manage the venue themselves.”

Earlier this week, Norm Clarke reported Beacher saying he prefers MGM run the club, in a story citing friction between Beacher’s and AMG.

I take AMG at its word that it does not tolerate marijuana or other drug use at its clubs Hakkasan, Pure, LAX, and so forth. I’m sure none of you dear readers has ever seen such a thing. Of course not.


Seven Vegas Uncork’d events have already sold out. Tickets went on sale this week for events featuring chef Joel Robuchon (he’s considered the Mr. in any room of chefs) and other stars of Strip kitchens.

Among many chefs on this year’s Uncork’d plate, May 8-11 at various hotels: Julian Serrano, Mario Batali, Michael Mina, Guy Savoy. Tickets at cost a lot, as in $140, $300, $5,000, and so on. For food.


Are you a fan of pop-sci data? Then here is the latest popularity contest between Oscar nominees, according to Repucom’s Celebrity DBI (, which polls Americans on stars’ qualities based on a six-point scale and converts results into a 100-point scale.

The three actors who most Americans are aware of: 1) Leonardo DiCaprio (97 percent); 2) Sandra Bullock (96 percent); 3) Julia Roberts (96 percent). Here’s an eye-opener. Jennifer Lawrence only has 35 percent awareness.

Which stars have the most appeal among Americans who are aware of them? 1) Bullock (85.55 percent). 2) Amy Adams (83.25 percent). 3) Judi Dench (81.76 percent). 4) Julia Roberts (81.29 percent). 5) Meryl Streep (80.92 percent).


Dolly Parton is performing in Primm tonight. I was told she might answer questions by email, but she did not. So hello, Dolly fans, do me a favor and answer these hard-hitting questions Dolly rejected:

1. Why are you so awesome?

2. Why didn’t you ever do a sequel to “9 to 5?” For that matter, why haven’t you done more movies? You’re a superb actress. I say that as a paid critic.

7. I used to live in Knoxville and I worked in Maryville once upon a time. You were a goddess in those parts, like Cleopatra and the Beatles combined. Anyway, people were really nice in East Tennessee … but the ones who weren’t nice were nuts. My then-wife got stalked in East Tennesee by three different crazy men. That’s when I thought, “Oh, so this is why men are so nuts in Tennessee-country songs.” Is that fair of me to say? Or is that me being stupid?

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