Peyton Manning Receives Top Marks As Best Athlete Endorser

Peyton Manning Receives Top Marks As Best Athlete Endorser

Peyton Manning Receives Top Marks As Best Athlete Endorser 

Patrick Rishe | 1/27/2014 | Forbes

I always knew Papa John was a smart guy.

The fact that his little pizza company, along with an array of other businesses, use Peyton Manning as a product spokesperson is just good business.

After all, if you are going to use a celebrity to endorse your product, you might as well use someone that everybody recognizes and likes.  And the data shows that few are as adored as Peyton.

Based on Davie-Brown Index findings, which conducts weekly surveys of 1000 American respondents, the data shows that:

– Peyton Manning is currently the top ranked endorser of all active athletes in the U.S., and the 4th ranked athlete endorser overall behind Michael Jordan, Hank Aaron, and Arnold Palmer.

– 87% of those surveyed are aware of him, and 90% of those think he is an effective product spokesperson.

– Comparatively, his much younger counterpart in Super Bowl XLVIII – Russell Wilson of Seattle – only has an awareness level in the U.S. of 28%.  Only Buffalo Bills rookie QB EJ Manuel has a lower awareness rating among NFL QBs.

Of course, Wilson appears quite likable and has been a winner in his two short seasons in Seattle.  So there is no question that a Super Bowl victory would greatly enhance is future marketability as a product endorser.

Though a Grand Canyon-like divide exists between Manning and Wilson in awareness at present, Wilson has actually had a greater impact on the growth of the team’s fan base.  Using similar DBI metrics, there has been a 262% growth in the Seahawks fan base over the last 2 years since Wilson’s arrival…whereas the Broncos fan base has grown 125% in the 2 years Manning has been in Denver.

That Wilson has had a greater comparative impact on the Seahawks fan base is more a function of the fact that Seattle’s national brand has increased as the team’s competitiveness has increased over the last few years, whereas Denver has had a strong brand for a long time…largely established by another Hall of Fame quarterback, 2-time Super Bowl winner and now team president John Elway.

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