The Presidents Cup’s Most Appealing Golfer Is Phil Michelson

The Presidents Cup’s Most Appealing Golfer Is Phil Michelson

The Presidents Cup’s Most Appealing Golfer Is Phil Michelson

Darren Heitner | 10/1/2013 | Forbes

Peyton Manning has thrown for 16 touchdowns and 0 interceptions through 4 regular season games as the quarterback of the Denver Broncos while leading his team to a perfect 4-0 record. However, according to REPUCOM’s The Celebrity DBI, he is still not as appealing as U.S. golfer Phil Mickelson. In fact, Mickelson enters the 2013 Presidents Cup at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio as the golfer with the most appeal, while team member Tiger Woods unsurprisingly starts the tournament as the least-liked player in the field.

“For a guy who hasn’t thrown a touchdown yet, that’s pretty flattering to be put in Peyton’s circle,” joked Steve Loy, Lagardère Unlimited Golf President and agent of Phil Mickelson to FORBES when told of his client’s appeal rating being higher than Manning’s. ”Since I’ve been in his life since 15 years old either as coach, confidant or agent, none of this surprises me.”

“Appeal” — intended to measure likeability of the celebrity — is one of 8 attributes studied by REPUCOM to establish the Celebrity DBI, which produces a score out of 100 to rank celebrities against each other in an effort to quantify and qualify consumer perceptions of celebrities. Mickelson happens to be a very astute businessman, so it should not shocking that he has been able to rise to the top when it comes to appeal rating.

“Whenever [Mickelson] is out on tour he treats it as a business and the fanfare is the reason he is there,” said Loy, who also noted that Mickelson’s long term endorsement relationships will not be changing any time soon. Those deals include relationships with Callaway, KPMG, Barclays, Pfizer/Amgen, Grayhawk Golf Club and Rolex. Loy also credits Mickelson’s appeal to his philosophy of giving fans autographs for free. ”The autographs may not be worth anything, but they will sure give anyone an opportunity to be a part of his life.”

Adam Scott, although an Aussie and a part of the “International Team”, is the second most liked player (participating in the 2013 Presidents Cup) in the United States. He has endorsements with Titleist, Mercedes-Benz, Rolex and Uniqlo. Interestingly, according to REPUCOM’s Sports DNA, the Presidents Cup is most well known in Adam Scott’s homeland, followed by the U.S., Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Argentina.

Right behind Scott on the appeal ranking is the “United States Team’s” Jordan Spieth, who has quickly made a major impact on American consumers and has built an endorsement portfolio that includes Under Armour, Rolex, NetJets, BioSteel Sports Supplements, Titleist and Perfect Sense Digital. With his appearance on the United States Team, Spieth will become the youngest American to ever compete in The Presidents Cup. He has earned more than $3 million in his first year on the P.G.A. Tour after finishing in the top-10 a total of 8 times.

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