TMZ claims details about Spears’ gig at Planet Hollywood

TMZ claims details about Spears’ gig at Planet Hollywood

TMZ claims details about Spears’ gig at Planet Hollywood

Doug Elfman | 9/17/2013 | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Britney Spears will pocket $310,000 per show at Planet Hollywood, TMZ reported Monday.

That’s less than Kaskade ($500,000 per show, I have been told) and Celine Dion ($476,000 per show, TMZ says).

TMZ’s report claimed to be “privy to the financial details” of Britney’s two-year contract of 48 shows starting in December.

If TMZ is correct, Planet Hollywood’s bosses at Caesars are under the impression Britney’s shows will somehow gross $508,514 per show, and Britney would get more than half of that.

TMZ didn’t say whether that money goes to Britney, or if it goes to Britney plus cast and crew.

I have been told on the record that DJs at XS, Marquee and Hakkasan earn more than that, up to $500,000 per night as a matter of routine. That price would be for the biggest-name DJs such as Kaskade and Calvin Harris. And those DJs don’t have to pay for dancers, backup musicians, choreographers, and so on.

This morning, Britney was scheduled to announce her Vegas gig on “Good Morning America” during a big to-do.

Caesars seems to have chosen a “no comment” mode with Britney matters forevermore.


Kathleen Madigan performs stand-up at The Mirage on Saturday. Since she is a relatively big sports fan, I asked her who to bet on this weekend.

“Always bet Ohio State to cover. I have no idea why, but was told that once and it works,” Madigan says.

Madigan, a constant golfer, has mocked Tiger Woods for quite awhile. I always figured Madigan just didn’t like the Tiger hype machine. But he really does bother her:

“I don’t like his anger. If I had his money, I wouldn’t care if I drove the golf ball into my own spleen. I’ll buy a new spleen.”

And since I am still shocked by this year’s revelations the NSA is spying on us, I asked her how she thinks the government will spy on us next.

“If they are spying, I wish they’d answer my mom’s repeated emails regarding the family reunion,” Madigan said. “I hope they start answering my real mail as well. I hate mail.”


The top album on iTunes is R&B’s “Kiss Land” by the musician known as the incorrectly spelled Weeknd, who recorded “Kiss Land” at Vegas’ Studio at the Palms.

Diddy went to Studio at The Palms on Saturday to hang/work with Fabolous. Diddy said on Instagram Fabolous was “makin’ a classic” song or video.


Americans prefer Kanye to Kim. They like David Beckham more than Victoria Beckham. And they take to Jennifer Garner more than to Ben Affleck.
Those are implications of nationwide surveys tabulated for the Review-Journal by Repucom’s Celebrity DBI ( and

Pollsters asked Americans what they think about couples as “trend-setters” and for their “aspiration” qualities, based on a six-point scale converted into a 100-point scale.

■ So David Beckham is more “aspiration” (77.21) and “trend-setter” (77.5) than wife Victoria (62.18 and 65.25).

■ Jennifer Garner is more “aspiration” (74.94) and “trend-setter” (69.49) than husband Ben Affleck (69.86 and 67.41).

■ Gisele Bundchen is more “aspiration” (74.5) and “trend-setting” (72.42) than husband Tom Brady (71.95 and 65.68).

■ Brad Pitt is more “aspiration” (71.22) and “trend-setter” (73.51) than Angelina Jolie (63.86 and 71.41).

■ Javier Bardem is more “aspiration” (69.72) and “trend-setter” (64.21) than Penelope Cruz (67.11 and 63.68).

■ And Kanye West is more “aspiration” (52.35) and “trend-setter” (61.43) than Kim Kardashian (47.6 and 61.14).

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