U.S. Open By The Numbers: Tiger Woods Dominates Rory McIlroy & Adam Scott

U.S. Open By The Numbers: Tiger Woods Dominates Rory McIlroy & Adam Scott

U.S. Open By The Numbers: Tiger Woods Dominates Rory McIlroy And Adam Scott

Kurt Badenhausen | 6/13/2013 | Forbes

The 113th U.S. Open has intrigue galore to offer golf fans and it starts with the power trio of Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Adam Scott, who will play the first two rounds of the Open together at Merion Golf Club outside of Philadelphia. The group tees off at 1:14 Thursday (weather permitting). It marks the third straight year that Open officials grouped the top three players in the world rankings together.

The Open is the first time that Woods and McIlroy have played together in a major. It also represents the first PGA Tour event pairing Woods and Scott since Woods’ and his long-time caddie Steve Williams parted ways in 2011 and Williams ended up on the bag of Masters champ Scott.

Here are how the players stack up.


Tiger: 37
Rory: 24
Adam: 32

Current World Golf Rank

Tiger: #1
Rory: #2
Adam: #3

Tournament wins (PGA Tour/worldwide/majors)

Tiger: 78/104/14
Rory: 6/10/2
Adam: 9/21/1

It has been five years since Woods last won a major, while McIlroy is trying to win a major for the third straight year (Woods’ had two four-year streaks). But only Scott still has a shot at the Grand Slam after winning the Masters in April.

Odds to Win Open

Tiger: 9-2
Rory: 20-1
Adam: 20-1

As always, the heavy money is on Woods to capture a 15th Grand Slam despite his majors drought.

Annual Earnings

Tiger: $78.1 million
Rory: $29.6 million
Adam: $12.3 million

Woods topped our recent look at the world’s highest-paid athletes, which measure earnings between June 2012 and June 2013 and includes prize money, endorsements, appearance fees and golf course design income. It’s a spot he held each year since 2001 until last year when Floyd Mayweatherfinished first. McIlroy clocked in at No. 21 and Scott finished outside the top 100 earners.

Career PGA Prize Money

Tiger: $106.8 million
Rory: $14.7 million
Adam: $30.6 million

All three players have won significant sums outside the PGA Tour as well. McIlroy won the money crowns on the PGA and European Tours in 2012. Woods has a $36 million lead over Phil Mickeslon, who ranks second all-time.


Tiger: 99%
Rory: 34%
Adam: 29%

Woods’ awareness level is exceeded by only six people in Repucom’s Celebrity DBI database of 2,925 people. The more famous include three presidents (Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama); two dead music icons (Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson); and Oprah Winfrey.


Tiger: 54%
Rory: 89%
Adam: 93%

Woods’ appeal levels plummeted after his 2009 Thanksgiving car accident, which set off a tabloid scandal. Of the people that know Woods (almost everyone–see above), 53% dislike him to some degree, which ranks 2,805 out of the 2,925 celebs Repucom tracks.

Major Sponsors

Tiger: Nike, Electronic Arts, Rolex, Upper Deck
Rory: Nike, Santander, Omega, Bose
Adam: Uniqlo, Titleist, Mercedes-Benz, Rolex

Nike built a golf division on the back of Woods, who it originally signed to a five-year, $40 million deal when he turned pro in 1996 and is close to inking another extension. But Nike signed McIlroy to a blockbuster deal at the end of 2012. The deal originally reported at $250 million over 10 years is expected to pay out closer to $10-15 million annually over five years. Nike Golf reported revenues of $726 million last year.

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