New York Giants winless start fails to slow down endorsements

New York Giants winless start fails to slow down endorsements

New York Giants winless start fails to slow down endorsements

Curt Macysyn | 11/3/2013 |

The New York Football Giants may have started out the season slowly, but consumers have not abandoned players from one of the NFL’s marquis franchise according to an independent marketing index, The Celebrity DBI.

According to its website, “The Celebrity DBI evaluates celebrities in 13 key markets worldwide, representing the views of more than 1.5 billion people – approximately 30% of the world’s adult population. Categories of celebrities indexed include actor, music, sports and other.”

While on the field the New York Giantshave not been playing at peak proficiency this season, the team’s stars still have drawing power. In terms of “awareness,” Eli Manning’s (83%) is almost as high as brother Peyton’s (87%). And star receiver Victor Cruzhas an awareness (42%) that is higher than Colts’ franchise quarterback Andrew Luck (39%).

Two other players who have not played up to par this season, Jason Pierre Paul (25%) and Hakeem Nicks (20%), still have relatively high awareness on a national level.

According to Kathy Gardner, a product manager at The Celebrity DBI, awareness indicates the percentage of people who are aware of the celebrity either by name or face.

“We have 1,000 respondents. So that number is the percentage of people that claim to be aware of the celebrity when shown his name/image,” Gardner indicated.

While awareness may be a good thing for the players, it doesn’t pay the bills, so actual endorsements separate the stars from the merely good players. In the case of Victor Cruz and Eli Manning, both are in top 24 percent of 3,132 database of celebrities when ranked on endorsement by The Celebrity DBI.

And among active NFL players ranking by a northeast demographic, Victor Cruz and Eli Manning are both among the top 10 Endorsers in the NFL.

To put a face on the endorsement power of the Giants’ quarterback, The Celebrity DBI tells us that two-time Super Bowl MVP Manning is a top 6 percent influencer nationally, which places him on par with such notables as Phil Mickelson, Michael Strahan and Jerry Rice. In fact, Eli Manning is the third most influential active NFL player when judged by a northeastern audience, according to the index.

Overall, Eli Manning is the sixth most influential active NFL player when judged by a national audience, and Victor Cruz is a top 18 percent influencer, which rates him on par with other famous athletes such as Lakers’ star Kobe Bryant and Yankees’ legend, Derek Jeter.

In fact, Cruz outscores Clay Matthews, David Wright, Carmelo Anthony and Matthew Stafford as an endorser
influence, which perhaps underscores the drawing power of being an NFL player in the Big Apple.

Measuring influence is not a recent trend, and according to its website, “The Celebrity DBI was created and launched in 2006 in the US by the Marketing Arm’s Talent Practice, the largest celebrity talent buyer in the U.S.”

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