What Is The Celebrity DBI

The Celebrity DBI is an independent index that quantifies and qualifies consumer perceptions of celebrities. It’s the only global celebrity evaluation service designed to provide superior brand-relevant insights. Brands, agencies, rights holders, teams, leagues and other marketers worldwide can now measure, compare and leverage the impact… Read More

Measuring relevance and impact of over 7,000 celebrities across the global marketplace

Where Is The Celebrity DBI

The Celebrity DBI evaluates celebrities in 15 key markets worldwide, representing the views of more than 1.6 billion people – approximately 50% of the world’s adult population. Categories of celebrities indexed include actor, music, sports and other. Subcategory examples include coaches, designers, chefs, models, politicians,… Read More

15 key markets worldwide representing 1.6 billion consumers

How The Celebrity DBI Works

The Celebrity DBI helps strategically identify individuals that will enhance brand messaging initiatives and maximize ROI. Created from the brand perspective, the Celebrity DBI provides brands, agencies and media properties with a data-driven approach to quantify and qualify a celebrity’s value and ability to impact… Read More

Quantifying consumer perceptions of celebrities to deliver unrivaled insights

Who’s Behind The Celebrity DBI

The Celebrity DBI is regarded as the industry standard for celebrity evaluation. In partnership with The Marketing Arm, a marketing and promotions agency, Repucom, the global leader in sports marketing research, is spearheading the Celebrity DBI’s international expansion. The Celebrity DBI was created and launched… Read More

A partnership between the leaders in celebrity acquisition and sports market research
Referenced in 500+ stories by hundreds of news outlets across 5 continents